Paper Model of Earthquake Fault

Nina Lin paper blocks

This hands-on activity was demonstrated by Caltech grad student Nina Lin during Family SMArt (Science, Math, and Art) Night at Pasadena's Hamilton Elementary School. Lin used the paper blocks to help illustrate where earthquakes come from.

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You'll need two pieces of heavy paper, of dimensions 28" x 22", one for each block. The blocks work best when made from poster board or manila folder weight paper.

paper blocks
  1. Download and print PDF templates (each image is 22"W x 25.5"H and should fit onto 6 sheets of 8.5" x 11" landscape orientation paper. You may need to adjust your printer's zoom setting.)
  2. Tape printouts together to form each template, then cut out
  3. Trace each onto heavy paper
  4. Draw in the illustrations then cut out
  5. Fold, and tape or glue edges, following lines and tabs on templates.

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