Undergraduate Research Opportunities at the TO

Caltech's Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURF) program introduces students to research under the guidance of research mentors.

Caltech's TO offers a broad range of interdisciplinary research topics spanning the fields of geology, geophysics, and geochemistry. Projects range from field geology to remote sensing to numerical modeling.

Former SURF students at the TO

Research project
Owen Weller 2009 Avouac, Jean-Philippe Applying Critical Wedge Theory to the Sunda Megathrust
Matthew Feldman 2009 Kirschvink, Joseph &
Raub, Timothy
Quantifying late Cretaceous(?) dextral offset across Owens Valley: paleointensity of the Golden Bear and Coso Dikes
Will Steinhardt 2009 Kirschvink, Joseph &
Raub, Timothy
Plumbing the Volcano: rock magnetics and paleointensity depth profiles along a feeder dike and its flow
Andrew Kositsky 2006 Avouac, Jean-Philippe Investigation of the Time Evolution of Slip Distribution on the Sumatran Fault Throughout the 20th Century Using Principal Component Analysis and Okada Inversion
Kyle Bradley 2004 Saleeby, Jason A Structural and Petrographic Investigation of the Proto-Kern Canyon Fault Zone, Southern Sierra Nevada, California
Judith Hubbard 2004 Sieh, Kerry A Geometric and Kinematic Neotectonic Model of Iran Produced Through Remote Sensing Data
Belle Philibosian 2004 Sieh, Kerry Identification and Classification of Active Tectonic Structures of Iran: Building Knowledge of Arabian-Eurasian Collision Kinematics
Laura Pruitt 2004 Avouac, Jean-Philippe Modeling the India-Asia Collision Zone: Reconciling Geological and Geodetic Data

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