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Plate Tectonics and the Geology of Southern California
Video of How Tectonics Shaped Southern California's Landscape
  • Workshop for teachers, December 2010, led by Caltech Professor Joann Stock
  • Watch video
  • Animations can be downloaded here.
  • Teacher Kit can be downloaded here.
Animations and Graphics
  • Mountain building
  • Earthquake cycle and tsunamis
  • Formation of the Grand Canyon rock layers

Cardboard model of earthquake fault
Nina Lin paper blocks

Weathering and Erosion - Presentation slides for 4th grade with activity handout
Historical Earthquakes and Uplift/Subsidence of Sumatra from Coral Growth Rings
This exercise is for college undergraduates or graduates in geology or oceanography. It uses real coral data to reveal the historical record of earthquakes and land deformation in Sumatra over the past century. It can be downloaded in its entirety from the website. There are two versions:
scuba divers on a coral
Documentary film about science for high school students
(sneak preview - 60 seconds; but can take time to load)
Twenty-minute documentary film showing the process of scientific inquiry. The film follows an interdisciplinary, international team of scientists, including the TO's Ken Farley, exploring the geology and climate of the Tibetan Plateau. Produced by CIRES.

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