Field Trips for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

The Geological and Planetary Sciences (GPS) Divison organizes international field trips every two years

lamas2010 Southern Peru

Led by Professors Rob Clayton, Mark Simons, and Jean-Paul Ampuero. Many unanswered questions remain in southern Peru, such as how did the Andes grow ? And where first? And why, despite a geologic history of more than 200 million years of continuous subduction, did the South American margin not begin to grow high topography until about 50 million years ago? The trip was sponsored by Shirley Kliegel (learn more)

logos2008 Taiwan

Led by Professor Jean-Philippe Avouac. Taiwan is a classic example of an active mountain range with beautiful active faults and a rich bedrock geology. Organized jointly with the Institute of Earth Sciences (Academia Sinica, Taipei) and the National Taiwan University (Taipei) (Guidebook) (learn more)

2006 Tien Shan Khan Tengri

Led by Professors Jean-Philippe Avouac and Rob Clayton with 20 students from Caltech and several students from Nanjing University in China participating. The trip was an introduction to the geology of fold-and-thrust belts using the Tien Shans as an example. A short summary of this trip by Elisabeth Nadin appeared in Caltech News. Photo: from article by Elisabeth Nadin (learn more)

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