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satellite image14 December 2007
Caltech Today: Tracking Earth Changes with Satellite Images
For the past two decades, radar images from satellites have dominated the field of geophysical monitoring for natural hazards like earthquakes, volcanoes, or landslides. These images reveal small perturbations precisely, but large changes from events like big earthquake ruptures or fast-moving glaciers remained difficult to assess from afar, until now.

12 December 2007 HimalayasCaltech Today: Earthquake Season in the Himalayan Front
Scientists have long searched for what triggers earthquakes, even suggesting that tides or weather play a role. Recent research spearheaded by Jean-Philippe Avouac, professor of geology and director of the Tectonics Observatory at Caltech, shows that in the Himalayan mountains, at least, there is indeed an earthquake season. It's winter.

20 November 2007
UN Relief Web:Padang: a major Indonesian city threatened by disaster
International scientists are concerned about the growing threat of an earthquake or a tsunami in the Indonesian city of Padang, which has 800,000 inhabitants.

10 November 2007
Hiroo Kanamori - Recipient of the 2007 Kyoto Prize from the Inamori Foundation, for his "elucidation of physical processes of earthquakes and its application to hazard mitigation"

6 October 2007
Rakyat Benkulu Newspaper, Sumatra Indonesia: News story about the Mentawai seismic gap. (pdf) *this article is in Indonesian*

John Galetzka17 September 2007
CNN Top Stories: Earthquake Hunters
CNN's Hugh Riminton spends time with geologists [John Galetzka] looking for signs of the next big Pacific earthquake.
Caltech's John Galetzka filmed 2 recent earthquakes. CNN Video

15 September 2007
PADANG, Indonesia: Experts warn 'big one' may yet hit Indonesia (pdf)
"No one can say whether it will be in 30 seconds or 30 years," he [Kerry Sieh] said. "But what happened the other day, I think is quite possibly a sequence of smaller earthquakes leading up to the bigger one."

14 September 2007
TODAY: Singapore
Tremors in Singapore drive home need for emergency plans. (pdf)

14 September 2007
Monster Quake Could Hit Soon (pdf)
The earthquakes off Sumatra could portend a monster quake, and it could hit soon. Caltech's Kerry Sieh says the Mentawai patch, an area of strong resistence just southwest of Padang Sumatra, is "close to no longer being able to stand the strain" of continuing pressure buildup.

14 September 2007
LIANHE ZIAOBAO: Kerry Sieh, currently on sabbtical in Singapore, talks about recent and historic large earthquakes in coastal west Sumatra.
(pdf) *this article is in Chinese*

13 September 2007
CHANNEL NEWS ASIA: Singapore residents concerned(pdf)
Four aftershocks felt in Singapore following 8.4 magnitude earthquake that struck Sumatra Wednesday evening.

17 August 2007
LiveScience: Greatest Mysteries: What Happens Inside an Earthquake?(pdf)
"...when faults do move, something is missing -- there is little to no evidence of the extremely high levels of friction and melting that would be expected to follow above ground when two giant rocks slid against each other. "There are many reasons to believe that something exotic is happening," said Caltech geophysicist Tom Heaton..."

28 July 2007
The New York Times: Indonesian Town Begins Preparations for the Next Tsunami (pdf)
"...historical records, seismic monitoring by global positioning sensors and a careful study of growth patterns of corals converged in a remarkably precise prediction of a major earthquake and tsunami here within the next 30 years."

June 2007
John Eiler - Recipient of the 2007 ASCIT (Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology) Teaching Award

May 2007
Thomas Heaton - Elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, 2007, "for acknowledged eminence in one or more branches of geophysics"

May 2007
Ting Chen - Recipient of the 2006 AGU Outstanding Student Paper Award, for "Scaling of seismic moment with recurrence interval for small repeating earthquakes simulated on rate-and-state faults"

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