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December 2006
Asia Earthquake Threat Hangs Over World Markets (Morning Edition, ENVIRONMENT)
Scientists say Asia is at risk for at least two more massive quakes, near 2004 Indonesia tsunami and near Japan. listen >

December 2006
Another Killer Tsunami Looms(Herald Sun, Australia) (pdf)
Scientists predict a repeat of the deadly 2004 Boxing Day tsunami that killed more than 280,000 lives.

October 2006
The Day the Land Tipped Over (Science) (pdf)
Indonesia's major earthquake last year tilted Nias Island like a seesaw, disrupting villagers' lives and pointing to future dangers.

September 2006
The Big Dig (Science, Editors' Choice) (pdf)
Avouac et al. show the Mw 7.6 Kashmir earthquake rupture broke through to the surface.

August 2006
Satellite maps faultline (Nature, Research Highlights) (pdf)
Researchers use readily available satellite photographs to measure ground deformation caused by large earthquakes.

June 2006
Heavenly Mountains, Down-to-Earth Job (CaltechNews Vol, 40 No.3, 2006) (pdf)
Elisabeth Nadin (Caltech PhD in geology 2006) reports on Caltech’s two-week research expedition to the Tien Shan mountains in northwestern China.

May 2006
Measuring the Sumatra Quake (Geotimes) (pdf)
Seismologists continue to be puzzled by motions on the fault that set off the Dec. 26, 2004, earthquake, sending a tsunami across the Indian Ocean.

May 2006
Yoshihiro Kaneko - Recipient of the 2005 AGU Outstanding Student Paper Award, for "Modeling aftershock rates using simulations of spontaneous earthquake nucleation on rate and state faults"

March 2006
Study of 2004 Tsunami Disaster Forces Rethinking of Theory of Giant Earthquakes
Caltech Media Relations (pdf)SCRIPPS (pdf)   NSF (pdf)
The Sumatra-Andaman earthquake of December 26, 2004, was one of the worst natural disasters in recent memory, mostly on account of the devastating tsunami that followed it. A group of geologists and geophysicists, including scientists at the California Institute of Technology, has delineated the full dimensions of the fault rupture that caused the earthquake.

January 2006
Blobs Inside Earth Might Explain Rapid Mountain Building (LiveScience) (pdf)

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