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December 2009
Tim Raub (postdoctoral scholar) - recipient of ASCIT (Associated Students of Caltech) Teaching Award

Caltech brings Science to Local Elementary School
Caltech's Tectonics Observatory contributed four hands-on science activities at Hamilton Elementary School's third annual Family SMArt (Science, Math, and Art) Night. The event drew over 100 students in pre-K through sixth grade and their families. (Caltech Today)

November 2009
Caltech Participates in Workshop for 6th Grade Teachers
Michelle Selvans and Laurie Kovalenko contributed to Pasadena Unified School District's Earth Science workshop for sixth-grade teachers at Marshall Fundamental School (Caltech Today)

Caltech enlists public's help to track earthquakes
Rob Clayton and Tom Heaton make the headlines in local newspaper Pasadena Star News, about their idea to increase southern California's current network of 200 seismic stations to thousands if not millions by using cell phones and computers (Pasadena Star News - article no longer available).

October 2009
Grad student Alan Chapman leads local teachers on geology field trip - the group of 4th and 6th grade teachers from PUSD hiked through Eaton Canyon

July 2009
Tectonics Observatory hosts high school students and a teacher for summer research - As part of the Caltech Research Connection, Alex Copley served as research mentor for the two high school students and teacher. They developed a numerical simulation of the break-up of Pangea (more info).

Caltech participates in 6th grade teacher workshop - Students Michelle Selvans and Kristel Chanard, and Professor Jean-Philippe Avouac contributed to a PUSD workshop held at CAPSI on the Caltech campus.

Brian Wernicke is interviewed on National Geographic's television show America's Wild Spaces: Death Valley - Brian discusses how Death Valley was formed by the earth rifting apart, and shows how we use continuous GPS to measure the rate at which the valley continues to open up. (video no longer available)

Owen Weller (SURF student) - recipient of Dr. Stoneley's Prize, of Pembroke College, Cambridge, for top Geology and Geophysics BA examination result

Michael Gurnis - named Director of the Seismological Laboratory

June 2009
Students from Hamilton Elementary tour the Tectonics Observatory
Willy Amidon, Itai Haviv, Michelle Selvans, and Aron Meltzner gave 60 sixth-grade students a tour of the Tectonics Observatory and the Seismo Lab.

"Will You Finish Your Thesis on Time?" (YouTube)
Musical performance by four GPS graduate students at the Division's Zilchbrau, an annual celebration organized by 2nd-year graduate students. The performers are (from left to right) Alan Chapman, Steven Kidder, Andrew Matzen, and Steven Chemtob.

Geology grad students lead kids on an educational hike
Three graduate students from Caltech's Tectonics Observatory led a class of 40 sixth graders from PUSD's Burbank Elementary School on a geology field trip through Eaton Canyon (Caltech Today)

May 2009
Science Fair Judging - Laurie Kovalenko served as one of the science fair judges at Washington Elementary's Science Fair Night for 4th and 5th graders.

Tectonics Observatory postdoc visits local 5th grade GATE class - Anthony Sladen discussed earthquakes and tsunamis, and led a hands-on activity with an earthquake machine.

Aron Meltzner and Anthony Sladen are interviewed on France's television show Thalassa about the recent earthquakes in Indonesia (May, 2009) - Aron explains how coral studies reveal the region's history of earthquakes, while Anthony explains why this region is so prone to earthquakes (More...) (scroll down Thalassa web page to access 2-minute video excerpt, in French language).

Jason and Zorka Saleeby are Keynote Speakers at Kern River Valley's Spring Nature Festival
Jason and Zorka Saleeby appeared at the Kern Valley Spring Nature Festival sponsored by the Audubon Society. On Friday evening they presented the yearly banquet keynote address entitled "Kern Valley Backyard Geology," and then led a workshop on local geology. Approximately 150 people attended the address, and about 30 stayed on for the workshop. The following morning they led 15 people on a local field trip focusing on the history of the Kern Canyon fault (Audubon - scroll down to middle of page)

April 2009
Fingerprinting slow earthquakes and how they relate to the big one (ScienceDaily)
Team of researchers finds anomalous layer on top of a subducting slab. This layer, called the "ultra-slow velocity layer" (USL), slows seismic waves down by 30% to 50%, and is shown to be coincident with silent earthquakes. (see article in Science)

John Eiler - Recipient of the 2009 Epstein Medal, the European Association for Geochemistry (EAG)'s Science Innovation Award, "for particularly important and innovative breakthrough in geochemistry, considered to be of fundamental significance"

Ken Farley - Recipient of the Geochemical Society's 2009 Goldschmidt Medal, "for outstanding contributions to geochemistry"

Nina (Yu-nung) Lin (graduate student) - Recipient of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Foundation's Alexander and Geraldine Wanek Named Grant, to fund her work on folding and thrusting mechanisms along the northern TianShan Piedmont

March 2009
Graduate student Belle Philibosian participates in 6th grade teacher workshop - on teaching Earth Science

Graduate student Willy Amidon visits 4th grade classrooms at PUSD's Washington Elementary - Willy gave a presentation on erosion and weathering

Volcanic Planet (National Public Radio)
TO's Mark Simons is one of the scientists interviewed about the science of volcanoes, after the eruptions of Mount Redoubt, Alaska and an undersea volcano off the coast of Tonga

February 2009
Caltech Grad Students and Professor Participate in Local Public Middle School's Science and Math Fair (Caltech Today)
Three graduate students and a professor from Caltech's Tectonics Observatory presented hands-on activities in Earth science at Sierra Madre Middle School's Science and Math Fair. About 70 of the school's sixth graders, along with their families, attended the event.

Brian Wernicke discusses the shrinking San Gabriel Valley (TWCable's SoCal News/CNN Headline News)
A two-minute news interview, with Brian Wernicke explaining how the San Gabriel Valley came to be and where it's going (video no longer available).

Imperfect Dominoes (Nature Geoscience)
Studies of past and present seismic activity in the Indonesian archipelago show a complex, but organized, pattern of earthquake supercycles, the latest of which has not been completed.

January 2009
Graduate students Belle Philibosian and Michelle Selvans participate in Earth Science teacher training workshop - for 6th grade teachers in PUSD

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