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Quaking Earth, Racing Waves (pdf)
ASK (Arts and Science for Kids) magazine, October 2005
Reprinted by permission of Cricket Magazine Group, Carus Publishing Company, from ASK magazine October 2005, text © 2005 by Carus Publishing Company, artwork © 2005 by Jo Lynn Alcorn.

June 1
A Geologist in the Field (Discover Magazine) (pdf)
Caltech geologist Kerry Sieh used to describe the Sumatran subduction zone that sits off the Indonesian island’s west coast as a place that is tucked away in a corner of the world that just doesn't have a lot of scientific traffic. Not anymore.

May 19 (Caltech Press Release) (pdf)
Research on Sumatran Earthquakes Uncovers New Mysteries about Workings of Earth
Supplementary materials: Movie 1 : Movie 2 : Movie 3

April 8
Not Working 9-to-5 (Caltech 336) (pdf)
Caltech's John Galetzka travels to remote corners of the world to install and service GPS equipment for geologists Kerry Sieh and Jean-Philippe Avouac.

January 3
How Science Can Save Lives (Time Asia) (pdf)
Kerry Sieh on why we don't always apply the knowledge we have about earthquakes to help lessen the suffering that nature can deliver.

The Great Sumatran Quake (Engineering & Science Volume LXVIII Numbers 1 & 2) (pdf)
Supplementary map (pdf) Not Working 9-to-5 (pdf)
Caltech's Kerry Sieh responds to news of the devastating December 2004 Sumatra earthquake and tsunami.

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