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9 Dec Crustal deformation in the Taiwan plate boundary zone revealed by GPS observations, seismicity, and earthquake focal mechanisms Yaru Hsu,
Academia Sinica, Taiwan
2 Dec Testing the characteristic slip and slip patch models on the Northern Imperial Fault Aron Meltzner  
25 Nov Crustal overturn during magmatic surges in high volume magmatic arcs Jason Saleeby & Laetitia Le Pourhiet paper
18 Nov Kinematic inversion of physically plausible earthquake source models obtained from Dynamic Rupture Simulations Ozgun Konca
& Yoshi Kaneko
11 Nov Submarine landslides along Malacca Strait-Mergui Basin shelf margin: Insights from sequence-stratigraphic analysis
Active tectonics in the S. Sagaing fault, Lower Burma - offset ancient city-wall and 1930 Pegu earthquake
Nina Lin
& Yu Wang
4 Nov TO Annual Meeting / No seminar    
21 Oct Damavand volcano, northern Iran: Two million years of eruptions in a transtensional system Jamshid Hassanzadeh,
U. of Tehran, Iran
paper1 paper2 paper3 paper4
14 Oct Large-scale deformation of the Tibetan Plateau: relations between topography, active deformation, and lowland rheology Alex Copley  
7 Oct Active tectonics of NE Iran; insights from the geomorphology, geology, seismicity and GPS data James Hollingsworth  
30 Sep Getting to the root of major faults: Deep tremor in southwest Japan and beneath the San Andreas David Shelly,
figure1 figure2 paper1 paper2 paper3
23 Sep General meeting, introductions, farewells
Lunch provided
10 Sep Back from the epicentral area of the May 12 2008 Earthquake
  Wednesday, 4pm, Salvatori room
(3rd floor, between N & S Mudd)
Jing Liu CaltechNews 2008
30 Jul Is there such a thing as a "geodetic slip rate"? Kaj Johnson,
Indiana University
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10 Jun Flat slab subduction in Central Mexico determined from receiver function analysis
Body wave attenuation structure of Central Mexico
YoungHee Kim
& Ting Chen
06 May Influence of heterogeneous coupling on the spatial pattern and recurrence of seismic ruptures. Yoshihiro Kaneko  
15 Apr Subsidence and Uplift Related to the Southern Sierra Nevada Lithosphere "Drip" as Recorded in San Joaquin Basin Stratigraphy. Zorka Saleeby  
08 Apr Sedimentation and deformation along the Northern Tianshan revealed from rock magnetism and structural analysis. Julien Charreau  
01 Apr Inverting geodetic time-series using principal component analysis. Andrew Kositsky  
25 Mar Mechanics, morphology and evolution of vertical knickpoints (waterfalls) along the Dead Sea escarpment. Itai Haviv  
04 Mar Peninsulas and earthquakes how characteristic are megathrust events off South America? Onno Oncken  
26 Feb Pretty pictures and preliminary observations from the Eastern Pamir moutains of Tajikistan. Willy Amidon  
19 Feb In search of the causes deforming a convergent margin in 4D - how much external forcing have the Andes seen? Onno Oncken  
05 Feb Mountain building and exhumation in the Himalaya: What can we constrain from the formal inversion of thermochronological data? Jean-Philippe Avouac  
29 Jan Seismogenic coupling - seismic images from convergent margins and a virtual field trip to the Alps. Onno Oncken  

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