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Dec 13 The anisotropic signature of slab retreat Jean-Arthur Olive, MIT/WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography abstract
Dec 12 Plate Rigidity Inversion in Southern California Using Interseismic GPS Velocity Field : implications for earthquake hazard

Note: This seminar is on MONDAY
Jean Chéry,
Université Montpellier
Dec 6
No seminar today

Dec 1 From Sumatra 2004 to Tuhoku-Oki 2011: What we learn about Earthquake & Tsunami detection by ionospheric sounding
Note this seminar is on Thursday
Giovanni Occhipinti, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris abstract
Nov 29 Stalled Slab Dynamics Erin Burkett abstract
Nov 21
No seminar today

Nov 15 Landscape Evolution and Lateral Growth of the Southwest Tian Shan, Uzbekistan Luca Malatesta, former student at ETH Zurich
Nov 8
TO Annual Meeting - no brownbag seminar

Nov 1 Intermittent upwelling of hot lower mantle beneath Yellowstone Brandon Schmandt abstract
Oct 25 Monitoring Mars dunes and sand ripples migration from HiRISE image time-series François Ayoub abstract
Oct 18 Process zones of distributed deformation in continents: a new strain heating mechanism for the origin of a continental magmatism Maud Deves (IPGP)
Oct 11 Lessons from the Tohoku-Oki earthquake Nadia Lapusta,
Pablo Ampuero, & Jean-Philippe Avouac
Oct 4 Lessons and challenges in the aftermath of the Tohoku-Oki earthquake Rob Graves, Junle Jiang, Lingsen Meng, & Shengji Wei
Sep 27
Welcome back everyone!

Introductions and overview of TO research

- Lunch provided -
Jean-Philippe Avouac
Aug 9 Imaging the Chilean subduction zone using seismic arrays Andreas Rietbrock, University of Liverpool abstract
Jul 19 Seismic imaging of the western Hellenic subduction zone: A link between slab buoyancy, differential rollback, and upper-plate deformation? Fred Pearce, MIT
Jun 28 Testing Quaternary right lateral slip estimates for the South Bristol Mountains Fault Zone, Mojave Desert, California Janet Harvey and Laainam Chaipornkaew, Caltech
May 31 The postseismic deformation associated with the 2010 Mw 8.8 Maule, Chile Earthquake Nina Lin
May 24
No seminar today
May 17 High elevation of the Late Cretaceous Nevadaplano in the western United States Katie Snell, Caltech
May 10 Dynamics of the earthquake cycle at Parkfield Sylvain Barbot, Caltech
May 3 Megathrust and Sea-Level History of the Sumatra Region from Coral Microatolls: Latest Updates Aron Meltzner, Earth Observatory of Singapore (Nanyang Technological University) & Caltech
Apr 26 Topologies, Boundaries, & Deformation! plus other new tools in GPlates Mark Turner
Apr 19 The Columbia River Flood Basalts and the eclogite engine Gene Humphreys, U of Oregon
Apr 12 How and where was India-Asia convergence accommodated? Douwe von Hinsbergen,
Center for Advanced Study,
Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
Apr 5 Teleseismic inversion of the 2011 Tohoku-oki Earthquake: using empirical Green's function and full Green's function Zhongwen Zhan and Shengji Wei
Mar 29 Geological Events and Tsunami Simulations: Symbiosys and Sensitivities Philip Watts, Applied Fluids Engineering abstract
Mar 15 Chihshang Active Fault Observatory: multi-disciplinary study of seismotectonic factory on a mega-thrust, LVF in Eastern Taiwan Jian-Cheng Lee,
Institute of Earth Sciences,
Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Mar 8 Mantle dynamics and the rise and fall of mountain belts Peter Molnar, UC/Boulder
Mar 1 Coupling on the Main Himalayan Thrust
Tomas Ader
Feb 22 A mechanical analysis of the correlation between forearc morphology and frictional properties of megathrust Nadaya Cubas
Feb 15
No seminar today
Feb 8 Neotectonic characteristics and hazards along the frontal structures of the Longmenshan fold-and-thrust belt, Sichuan, China Bruce Shyu, National Taiwan University
Feb 1 Geochronologic and isotopic constraints on the petrogenesis and crustal architecture of the Coast Mountain batholith, British Columbia Robinson Cecil
Jan 25 The Fault Slip Record from Corals Above the Sumatran Subduction Zone and Implications for Fault Rupture Processes Belle Philibosian
Jan 18 The Mw 7.1 2010 Darfield (Canterbury) earthquake in New Zealand: ground deformation, seismology, and tectonic implications Mark Quigley, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Jan 11 Landscapes of human evolution: tectonic geomorphology and the reconstruction of hominin landscapes Geoff King, IPG, Paris

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