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Dec 7 Thermomechanical modeling of Metamorphic Core Complexes: the influence of inherited rheological and stuctural heterogeneities Benjamin Huet, U.P.M.C., Paris
Dec 6 Using surface wave tomography to investigate craton formation
Dan McKenzie, University of Cambridge

Nov 30

Deep structure and deformation history of the rapidly growing Tainan anticline, southwestern Taiwan Odin Marc, Caltech/École Normale Supérieure

Nov 23

Subduction Initiation Along the SW North American Cordillera Jason Saleeby

Nov 16

Back to AD 1762 - The vertical tectonic deformation in the western cssoast of Burma Wang Yu

Nov 9

TO Annual Meeting Agenda

Nov 2

An update of TO geodesy field operations John Galetzka

Oct 26

The El Mayor- Cucapah Earthquake - An update on field results
Ken Hudnut (USGS)
Sinan Akciz

Oct 19

Historical and Modern Seismotectonics of the Indian Plate with Emphasis on its Western Boundary with the Eurasian Plate
Walter Szeliga,

Oct 12

Recent trip to Peru
Welcome back everyone!

- Lunch provided -

Sep 27

Plate Tectonics Conserves Angular Momentum

Note: Date, Time, and Room Changed!
Monday, 2PM, in Benioff Room (258 S Mudd)

Carl Bowin,

Sep 21

Deciphering the stress history of middle crustal rocks Steve Kidder

Sep 7

Communicating science to 6th graders in an engaging way Roger Gray, 6th grade teacher

Aug 19

Seasonal variations in GPS time series induced by surface hydrology in the Himalayas

Kristel Chanard  

Jul 27

Coseismic and postseismic deformations due to 2004 Parkfield earthquake : some evidence for a viscoelastic relaxation Lucile Bruhat  

Jul 20

Focused erosion and strain partitioning in the Himalayas of Central Nepal Vincent Godard,

Jun 15

Modeling of temporal variation of surface creep on the Chihshang fault in eastern Taiwan with velocity-strengthening friction Shu-Hao Chang  

Jun 8

no meeting this week

Jun 1

MInTS and PCAIM: recent development in InSAR time series Nina Lin  

May 25

Early-stage exhumation of the Sierra Nevada batholith and Great Valley "forearc" in response to oceanic plateau subduction Jason Saleeby & Alan Chapman  

May 18

Lithospheric and Asthenospheric Architecture from the 2010-2011 Southern California Offshore Seismic Experiment Monica Kohler,

May 11

no meeting this week

May 4

Field survey of the Mw7.2 El Mayor Cucapah (Baja), earthquake of April 4th, 2010
- the story, the pictures and a discussion -

Apr 27

no meeting this week

Apr 20

Tomography of the sub-Mojave lithospheric viscosity from space geodetic data of the Landers and Hector Mine earthquakes postseismic relaxation Sylvain Barbot abstract

Apr 13

The relative roles of arc magmatism, arc accretion and tectonic subduction erosion in balancing the mass of continental crust Peter Clift,
U. of Aberdeen

Apr 6

Cenozoic exhumation and topographic evolution of the northern Sierra Nevada, California Robinson Cecil  

Mar 23

Spring Break
No seminar this week

Mar 17

Exploring the conditions for seismic or aseismic fault slip on the Longitudinal Valley Fault, Taiwan

Date changed to WEDNESDAY
Marion Thomas abstract

Mar 9

no meeting this week

Mar 2

Nathan J. Downey,
U Texas at Austin

Feb 23

Using optical imagery to investigate rifting processes in Iceland James Hollingsworth  

Feb 16

"Pulse-Like ruptures on velocity weakening frictional interfaces: Dynamics and Implications" Ahmed Ettaf  

Feb 9

A source model for the 2001 Mw 7.6 Bhuj earthquake, and insights into the rheology of the Indian lithosphere Alex Copley  

Feb 2

Questioning standard models of Caribbean tectonics Fraser Keppie, YoungHee Kim, Rob Clayton abstract

Jan 26

Ultra-High Resolution and Composite Rheology in Global Mantle Flow Laura Alisic abstract

Jan 19

Reconstructing the Paleogene Landscape of the Northern Sierra Nevada, California: Implications for Topography, Tectonics, and Climate Elizabeth Cassel,

Jan 12

Happy New Year meeting / Outreach discussion
Lunch provided

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