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Dec 11

Advances in laboratory source seismology

NOTE: Starts at 11:00 AM

Alexandre Schübnel,
ENS Paris


Nov 6

A new interpretation of subduction zone interplate earthquakes: A case study of NE Japan

Zhongwen Zhan

Oct 30

Observations and modeling of non-volcanic tremor and slow slip events in the Guerrero subduction zone (Mexico)

NOTE: Starts at 11:30 AM

Dimitri Zigone, USC


Oct 23

Tibetan Plateau headward erosion accelerated by tributary glaciers

Dirk Scherler


Oct 16

Neogene Mountain Building in the European Alps

Christoph von Hagke


Oct 10 The Neogene Zagros Foreland Basin

NOTE: This seminar is on WEDNESDAY at 3PM

Mortaza Pirouz, University of Geneve, Switzerland abstract
Oct 2 Geology of the Earthquake Source: Insights from exhumed heterogeneous fault zones on the spectrum of active fault slip styles Ake Fagereng, University of Cape Town, South Africa abstract
Sep 18 Observations and analysis of teleseismic body-waves recorded by a 5000-node array in Long Beach, CA Brandon Schmandt abstract
Sep 4 Can 3D models from free, online tools and pocket cameras be used for geological studies? Alex Day-Blattner (Clark Magnet HS), Temoc Rodriguez (LA Center for Enriched Studies), Steven Tan (Gabrielino HS) abstract
Jun 19 Observation of TCDP Borehole Seismometers: Evidence of the Isotropic Hydraulic Fracturing Events, and Scaling of Microearthquakes Prof. Kuo-Fong Ma, Institute of Geophysics, National Central University, Taiwan abstract
May 22 Investigate Hydrological and Tectonic Vertical Deformation with GPS and GRACE: Examples from the Tibetan Plateau and southern Alaska

NOTE: Meeting at 2 PM

Yuning Fu, University of Alaska/Fairbanks abstract
May 15 Postseismic Deformation in a High-Speed Collisional Context, Taiwan: Implication for the Lower-Crust Rheology Sylvain Barbot abstract
May 8 New Applications of the DORIS System for Geodynamics and Earth Sciences Pascal Willis, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris abstract
May 1
- No seminar today -
Apr 3 Frictional properties of the San Andreas Fault determined from dynamic modeling of afterslip Shu Hao abstract
Mar 13 Late Cenozoic Evolution of the Himalayan Drainage System An Yin
Mar 6 Testing block models of continental deformation in the eastern Mediterranean Barry Parsons,

Feb 21 Recent continental earthquakes constrained by InSAR: determining source complexity John Elliott abstract
Feb 7 Siting of Large Volcanic Centers at Releasing Fult stepovers, Walker Lane Rift Cathy Busby, UC Santa Barbara abstract
Jan 31 Subduction initiation along a passive continental margin: Insights from the Mesozoic arc north of the Neo-Tethys in Iran Jamshid Hassanzadeh abstract
Jan 10 Outreach
- Lunch provided! -
Laurie Kovalenko

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