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Dec 17 Imaging the Alpine Belt from the surface down to the mantle transition zone and beyond - current challenges and the next generation of reserach initiatives Mark Handy  
Dec 10 NO SEMINAR    
Dec 3 Seismological Imaging of Density Structure Victor Tsai abstract
Dec 2 Structural history of the SW Helvetic Alps (Switzerland)

Luca Cardello Geological Instutite, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Nov 26 Anatomy of a continental arc at its initial stage: Views from study of subduction initiation along the passive margin of the Neo-Tethys in Iran Jamshid Hassanzadeh


Nov 19 How high: Using paleoclimate proxy data to estimate and reinterpret paleoelevation in the Western US Katie Snell


Nov 12 Slow slip and seismicity induced by hydraulic stimulation of a fault zone at meter-scale Frederic Cappa


Nov 5 The extreme stability of cratons as seen through hematite U-Th/He and Ne systematics and 4 He/ 3 He multi-domain modeling Ryan McKeon

Oct 29 Aseismic slip and earthquake triggering from joint analysis of geodetic and aftershock data Asaf Inbal


Oct 22 Southern California and NW Mexico: Tectonic Evolution after subduction ended Joann Stock


Oct 8 Kinematics and active tectonics of Western Greece in the geodynamic framework of Central and Eastern Mediterranean/td> Eugenie Perouse


Aug 19

Moving from Principal Component Analysis-based Inversion Method (PCAIM) to Independent Component Analysis-based Inversion Method (ICAIM)

Adriano Gualandini, INGV Bologna, Italy


Jul 30

The pattern of (oblique) thrust reactivation of Miocene low-angle (oblique) normal faults, Inner California Borderland

Chris Sorlien, Earth Research Institute, UC Santa Barbara


Jul 2

Aspects of Taiwan Collision Tectonics Based on TAIGER Subsurface Imaging


Professor Francis Wu, Binghamton U., NY

Jun 18

Visco-elastic rebound of the lithosphere around the lake Siling Co in Tibet observed by InSAR

Marie-Pierre Doin,
ISTerre, Grenoble, France


Jun 4

Segmentation of the Late Cretaceous California Convergent Margin into Supra-subduction Core Complexes and its Lasting Influence on Regional Lithospheric Structure

Jason Saleeby


Mar 5

Testing a velocity-weakening to -strengthening friction law as an explanation for slow slip events

Jessica Hawthorne


Feb 26

Temporal Change of Plate Coupling and Slow Slip Events in the Tokai-Tonankai Region in Japan

Tadafumi Ochi, AFERC, Nat. Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology (AIST)


Feb 12

Spatial and temporal evolution of fault slip on the longitudinal valley fault, Taiwan

Marion Thomas


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