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Dec 9

Special Seminar!
NOTE change in location and date:
Benioff Room (South Mudd 258)

The Influence of Dynamically Supported Topography on Estimates of Te
Dan McKenzie,
Bullard Laboratories,
University of Cambridge

Dec 8

Paleomagnetic quantification of late Cretaceous to early Miocene strain in eastern and southeastern California Will Steinhardt (SURF),
Matthew Feldman (SURF),
Tim Raub

Nov 24

A Bayesian approach for Inter-seismic Inter-plate Coupling Probabilities for the Central Andes Subduction Zone Francisco Ortega  

Nov 17

Early uplift of the Ross Orogen, Antartica: stratigraphy and detrital zircon geochronology Paul Myrow,
Colorado College

Nov 10

Seminar postponed  

Nov 3

No seminar - TO Annual Meeting tomorrow

Oct 27

Oceanic plateau subduction beneath North America: evidence and implications Lijun Liu  

Oct 20

Seismic studies in Southern Peru from Array Data
NOTE: Change in Location
Salvatori Room (365 South Mudd)
Kristin Phillips abstract

Oct 13

Thrusting sequences : mechanical predictions, analogue validation and application to the Pampa Tril Fold (Agrio FTB, Argentina) Nadaya Cubas abstract

Sep 29

An Evaluation of the Causes of Flat Subduction in Central Mexico Steve Skinner  

Sep 22

Role of extrusion of the Rand and Sierra de Salinas schists in Late Cretaceous extension and rotation of the southern Sierra Nevada and vicinity Alan Chapman  

Sep 15

Postponed to next week

Sep 1

Estimating Differential Stress and Rheology in Taiwan using Rocks: Preliminary Results and Plans Steve Kidder  

Aug 25

Applying Critical Wedge Theory to the Sunda Megathrust Owen Weller, SURF student abstract

June 16

TO Workshop Series (cont'd)
V. Physical models, concepts, and major questions (geodynamics)

June 9

TO Workshop Series (cont'd)
IV. Topographics evolution and its relationship to flat slabs (geology, geochemistry)

June 2

TO Workshop Series (cont'd)
III. Patterns of magmatism (seismicity, geodesy, imaging, geology, geochemistry)

May 26

TO Workshop Series (cont'd)
II. Patterns of upper plate strain (seismicity, geodesy, imaging, geology)

May 19

TO Workshop Series:
Comparative Anatomy and Origin of Orogenic Plateaux
(four major focus areas: Andes, Himalaya-Tibet, Mexico, Laramide western US)
I. The megathrust interface (seismicity, geodesy, imaging, geology)
Apr 21 Deformation and mechanism of the 2008 Mw 7.9 Wenchuan, China earthquake constrained from GPS and InSAR measurements Zheng-Kang Shen,
China Earthquake Administration
Apr 14 Predicting folding by optimization Yves Leroy,
ENS Paris
Apr 7 The seismic cycle in the Banyak Islands, Indonesia Belle Philibosian  
Mar 24 Causes of the Cenozoic slowdown of the Indian Plate Alex Copley  
Mar 17 Thermal modeling results from the Colorado Plateau transition zone Janet Harvey  
Mar 12
Special Thursday Meeting
Tectonic loading of inland active faults in Japan
Takeshi Sagiya,
Nagoya University
Mar 10 Seismicity in Major Fault Zones in Southern California: Gutenberg-Richter or Characteristic? Morgan Page,
Mar 3 Preliminary SIMS U-Pb zircon ages from the southwestern Sierra Nevada batholith Alan Chapman  
Feb 17 Update on the TO's GPS networks around the world
followed by
Running around Karen State, Burma, over the holidays
John Galetzka  
Feb 10 GPlates: plate tectonics reconstruction software for the TO Mark Turner  
Jan 27 General meeting
Lunch provided

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