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Seventh Annual TO Meeting
November 9-10, 2010



pdf8MB Slab Stress and Strain Rate as Constraints on Global Mantle Flow
Laura Alisic
pdf8MB Tomography of the Mojavian Lithosphere Viscosity from Space Geodetic data of the Landers and Hector Mine Earthquakes
Sylvan Barbot
pdf20MB APERS:Affine Parameters Estimation by Random Sampling A robust tie-points detection algorithm
Simon Beckouche
pdf40MB Three-Dimensional Dynamics of Slab Detachment Due to Ridge-Trench Collision
Erin Burkett
pdf164MB Rapid Exhumation of the Sierra Nevada in the Cretaceous Related to Shatsky Conjugate Rise
Robinson Cecil
pdf2MB Investigating frictional properties of the Longitudinal Valley fault from dynamic modeling of pre-and postseismicslip associated with the 2003, Mw 6.8 Chengkung earthquake
Shu-Hao Chang
pdf37MB 3D attenuation and velocity structure of the Cocos subduction zone in Mexico
Ting Chen
pdf14MB Juan de Fuca Subduction Zone from a Mixture of Tomography and Waveform Modeling
Risheng Chu
pdf2MB Evidence for stong mechanical coupling and strong Indian lower crust beneath southern Tibet
Alex Copley
pdf23MB A Mechanical analysis of the correlation between forearc morphology and frictional properties of megathrust
Nadaya Cubas
pdf14MB Preliminary modeling of the seismic structure of the central Mexico subduction zone
Sara Dougherty
pdf29MB Preliminary fault stip-rate estimate for the right-lateral Beng Co. strike-slip fault, base on Quaternary dating of displaced paleo-lake shorelines
James Hollingsworth
pdf13MB Extension during the 1957-84 Krafia Rift Crisis, NE Icelans, constrained by optical image matching
James Hollingsworth
pdf2MB Dynamic Slip Pulses in a 2D Slab and Implication for Low-velocity Fault Zone
Yihe Huang
pdf9MB A one dimensional model of Earth structure in the western United States from GPS observations of ocean tidal load
Takeo Ito
pdf19MB Bayesian Inversion of Finite Fault Models Using Open Ocean Tsunami Waveforms for the 2007 Mw 8 Pisco, Peru Earthquake
Junle Jiang
pdf5MB Evidence of a Collision between the Yucatan Block and Mexico in the Miocene
YoungHee Kim
pdf1MB Distribution of hydrous minerals in the Cocos oceanic crust inferred from receiver function analysis
YoungHee Kim
pdf2MB Outreach Activities - Highlights over past year and upcoming opportunites
Laurie Kovalenko
pdf1MB SubductionInitiation: Testable Predictions and Emerging Opportunities to Link Geological Observations to Modeling results
Wei Leng
pdf91MB COSI-Corr 2011 On-going studies and future developments
Sebastien Leprince
pdf18MB Post-Seismic deformation for 2010 Maule earthquake, Chile
Nina Lin
pdf16MB Source Properties of the January 2010 M7 Haiti Earthquake Estimated by Back Projection of Waves Recorded by the National Seismic Network of Venezuela and the Usarray
Lingsen Meng
pdf6MB Using Rupture-to-Rasters Simulations to Quantify Seismic Risk from the San Andreas Fault - Case Studies of Tall Steel Braced Frame Buildings
Ramses Mourhatch
pdf5MB Definitions of average stress drops for heterogeneous slip distribution: Implications to dynamic rupture process from eathquake energetics
Hiroyuki Noda
pdf10MB A Bayesian Approach for Apparent Inter-plate Coupling in the Central Andes Subduction Zone
Francisco Ortega


The Fault Slip Record From Corals Above the Mentawai Segment of the Sumatran Subduction Zone
Belle Philibosian
pdf5MB Structure of the Subduction System in Southern Peru from Seismic Array Data
Kristin Phillips
pdf379MB Part 1. Sediment Burial and Exhumation of the Southern Sierra Nevada
Zorka Saleeby
pdf99MB Part 2. ... in Relation to Underlying Mantle Lithoshpere Removal
Zorka Saleeby
pdf2MB Using Rupture-to-Rasters Simulations to Quantify Seismic Risk from the San Andreas Fault - Case Studies of Tall Steel Moment Frame and Dual-System Buildings
Hemanth Siriki
pdf43MB Re-examining the Cause of Flat Subduction
Steve Skinner
pdf175MB Earthuqake source models to elucidate the seismic cycle the recent contribution of geodesy
Anthony Sladen
pdf4MB Sea level and vertical motion of continents from dynamic models since the Late Cretaceous
Sonja Spasojević
pdf1MB Evidence for new class of mantle upwellingsfrom dynamic models
Sonja Spasojević
pdf42MB Assessing stress levels on faults using clumped isotope thermometry of gouges and vein arrays
Erika Swanson
pdf29MB fully-dynamic vs Quasi-dynamic simulations of slip accumulation on faults with heterogeneous friction properties
Marion Thomas
pdf43MB Revised contemporary lacustrine carbonate temperature lapse rater for southwestern North America
Jeffrey Thompson
pdf71MB Source Model of 11th July, 2004 Zhongba Earthquake Revealed from the Joint Inversion of InSAR and Seismological data
Shengji Wei
pdf24MB 3D Path Calibration for the 12/30/2009 Imperial Valley Earthquake
Shengji Wei
pdf4MB Crustal Deformation along the Nyainquentanglhe Detachment, Southern Tibet
Nneka Williams
pdf137MB Tectonic deformation along the Arakan megathrust, Myanmar (Burma)
Wang Yu

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